Colorado Mesa University - Wubben Hall & Science Center

Colorado Mesa University - Wubben Hall & Science Center

This project provided critical upgrades to 80,000 square feet in the Wubben Hall and Science Center complex, and created a 31,900-square-foot addition.

The Wubben Hall renovation included refitting the building to be served by a new geothermal heating and cooling system, relocating and upgrading the electrical service, and modernizing existing classrooms and laboratories devoted to physics, mathematics and computer science.

The Science Center renovation upgraded spaces and re-organized the interior layout to accommodate the chemistry, biology and environmental science curriculum.

The new three-story addition offers new classroom and research space and extends toward a new campus quad to engage with the campus. The addition utilizes sustainable technologies such as a central geothermal pump station for the campus, a low-albedo roof, and daylight activated lighting controls. The facility was LEED Certified.

Work was carefully coordinated to allow for continuous operation of occupied portions of the facility. In addition, a new server room was created to serve the entire campus, and operations were transferred without interruption.