Our expertise in mechanical engineering includes some of the most sustainable and innovative design solutions in the region. We understand how to optimize operational efficiency, functionality, sustainability, and flexibility.

We are skilled at HVAC upgrades for buildings that must remain open during construction. In addition, we have completed new LEED Certified buildings and projects that achieve significant energy savings beyond ASHRAE standards. We understand all aspects of plumbing, piping, fire protection, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design, including geothermal, energy recovery, and ice storage cooling systems.


We have designed a wide variety of highly efficient and flexible electrical engineering systems. We also are known for completing some of the most accurate, thorough, and well-thought-out electrical systems in the region.

Our expertise encompasses power distribution, telecommunications, fire alarm, signalization, security, and lightning protection systems, as well as lighting system design. Our experience includes numerous LEED certified and LEED equivalent projects.

As part of a full-service firm, our electrical engineers work closely with architects, engineers and other design staff to seamlessly integrate systems and architecture and provide optimum flexibility for future changes in technology and energy needs.


Our structural engineers understand how to make creative and efficient use of funds, structural elements, geometries, and materials to achieve the goals of the client and design team.

Our expertise includes specialized project types such as science and research, manufacturing, athletic and arena, parks and recreation, and library facilities with unique structural needs. In addition to new buildings and challenging renovation projects, our structural engineers can conduct in-depth investigations and studies, and contribute to long-term facilities master plans.