KU - Simons Bioscience Pharmacy Research Laboratories

KU - Simons Bioscience Pharmacy Research Laboratories

The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy commissioned a study for the expansion and improvement of the Simons Bioscience Research Laboratory Facility on West Campus. The objective of the study was to assess the facility’s space usage, and the serviceability of the mechanical and electrical systems. The results of this study, in combination with the published program for the building expansion, helped ensure the expansion and renovation results in efficient, modern, and adaptable laboratory and laboratory support spaces for the School of Pharmacy.

The design team interviewed the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Chair and faculty to learn of any common building issues or limitations and to discuss opportunities with maximizing or sharing equipment and/or instrumentation spaces.

The design concept developed through this study arranged the existing space in a more efficient way that also increased faculty and graduate student interaction. Laboratories remained within the center portion of the building. This arrangement grouped laboratories and office/meeting rooms, which separates laboratory and non-laboratory spaces for safety and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) efficiencies.

In total, approximately 32,000 square feet of the existing building underwent varying levels of renovation: 8,000 square feet of heavier laboratory renovation including new shared instrumentation and equipment laboratories, reconfiguration of the existing BSL-3 laboratory into typical wet laboratory space, and realignment of the southwest laboratories for a new corridor; 6,000 square feet of office remodel for faculty and graduate workstations; 12,000 square feet of existing laboratories received power and circuiting improvements; and approximately 6,000 square feet of new floor finishes at the auditorium, lobbies, and corridors throughout both floors.

Additional mechanical and electrical improvements included overhauling the air conditioning chiller and cooling tower, and a new generator. A two-story addition of approximately 5,500 square feet per floor infilled the west opening and followed the same conceptual layout with office and meeting areas along the south and one five module laboratory per floor in the center zone. High profile areas such as Emeritus or visiting faculty offices and specialized classroom and meeting spaces are located along the west, facing the School of Pharmacy building. Combined with a new west entrance, these specialty spaces provided an opportunity to create a design that signified this addition as the “front door to the next generation of vaccine development.”