Today’s buildings depend on highly sophisticated systems that must interact and respond to numerous variables. Our commissioning services provide lasting value by systematically verifying that a facility’s complex components, systems, and controls are designed, installed, integrated, tested, and operate as intended. We utilize the methods of ASHRAE Standard 202 and ACG’s Commissioning Guideline and employ a solutions-based commissioning process to ensure and document proper building systems operation. Performing functional testing during construction allows for final adjustments to be made prior to substantial completion. This level of completion assures facility operators that their facility systems are operating correctly and efficiently, leading to long-term energy and operational savings.

Our process involves being a partner in the project with the Clients’ best interests always being our highest priority. We strive to understand specific project goals and constraints to ensure they are carried through the project. Using the commissioning process, challenges are identified early in the project, allowing for thoughtful resolution that minimizes project schedule delays or change orders.

The commissioning experience of our team covers an array of project types—office and retail facilities, hospital construction/renovations, higher education research and education facilities, and high containment laboratories (BSL2 to BSL4). Commissioning services include new construction, monitor-based commissioning, retro-commissioning, and re-commissioning. We also assist in building system troubleshooting and energy audits, with an emphasis on the building automation system.

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