Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are specialized facilities for research, development, and manufacturing in ultra-clean environments. Clark & Enersen has a wealth of experience designing clean rooms for pharmaceutical, institutional, private, and healthcare facilities throughout the country.

Our full-service team of architects, laboratory planners, engineers, and commissioning agents understand the stringent standards and protocols associated with this facility type, and we know the intricacies of proper airflow, filtration, pressurization, specialized piping, cleanable surfaces, and optimal layouts to make each facility’s goals a reality. By creating pristine environments, our clients are able to develop cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, nanoparticles, equipment, and technology to benefit the world.

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Lozier Center for Pharmacy Science and Education & Center for Drug Discovery

Colorado State University, C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Nanomedicine Production Plant Clean Room Suite