Our Expertise

Clark & Enersen has a dedicated team of architects, engineers, and other talented professionals who specialize in planning and design of science, research, and technology facilities. We provide a unique and comprehensive design approach through multiple disciplines, including architecture, laboratory planning, site planning and design, landscape architecture, interior design, and mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering.

Our dedicated team has planned and/or designed billions of dollars’ worth of science and technology facilities that span academic undergraduate study, health sciences, biomedical research, veterinary and agricultural science, science-related public-private partnerships (P3), government, and private industry.

Our Brand

From the very beginning, partnership has defined us. We’re continuing that tradition through our new brand by returning to our original name with a refreshed look.

Our Impact

Searching for a cure.

Our firm helped create a critical production space for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Nebraska Nanomedicine Production Plant, where researchers are making world-changing breakthroughs. The cutting-edge research and development are helping find a cure for HIV, a virus once thought to be incurable.

Establishing integrated care.

The Health 360 Integrated Care Clinic adaptive re-use project created a fully-integrated, one-stop location for healthcare services for the city’s low-income and most vulnerable citizens. By offering mental health, substance abuse, dental, primary healthcare, and on-site pharmacy, Health 360 is able to provide holistic care to those who would otherwise go untreated.

Pandemic Planning.

Our team helped design the Davis Global Center for UNMC, which includes the nation’s only federal quarantine unit. The facility features training and simulation spaces, a bio-preparedness command center, a point of care testing laboratory, and 20 single-bed quarantine rooms. When the first COVID-19 patients entered the country in early 2020, they were flown in mobile isolation units to the Davis Global Center and placed into quarantine in the facility.

Horses for healing.

The Temple Grandin Equine Center celebrates and elevates the role of the horse in society through the physical and emotional benefits of serving those in need. The state-of-the-art facility provides a space for people with emotional and physical challenges to heal, a place for learning and research, and space for therapists to create special bonds between people and animals.


Preventing the spread of disease.

Following the 2015 outbreak of the bird flu, we worked with the State of South Dakota to expand their research veterinary diagnostic laboratories. By equipping them to process tens of thousands of biological samples each year, the South Dakota Animal Disease and Research Diagnostic Laboratory could work toward eradicating the disease through evaluating the health of the region’s veterinary agriculture populations and searching for the first signs of disease.

Advancing surgical technology.

The C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute at Colorado State University empowers ground-breaking translational orthopaedic research, specifically in equine arthroscopic surgical approaches as a means for advancing human orthopaedic surgical technology. Wayne C. McIlwraith is a pioneer in arthroscopy. In 1985, he had removed a bone chip from the racehorse Spend A Buck, who went on to win the Kentucky Derby that same year. His successes and the current discoveries occurring at TMI helped to propel CSU into the spotlight for veterinary care.

We help clients achieve their goals through spaces that better their respective communities.

Our Team

Clark & Enersen is a team of professionals all dedicated to our firm’s vision to empower and inspire through partnership in thoughtful design. As a leading multidisciplinary firm, we value diversity of thought and talent — from our architects, interior designers, and landscape architects to our mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineers. We forge strong relationships with our clients and work closely with them to complete their vision.

“University of Nebraska Medical Center Chancellor Jeffrey Gold asked the design team to act as ‘modern day Gallileos’ and chart a new course for education through design and architecture. In part, due to Clark & Enersen’s design leadership and integrated design approach, this facility [Davis Global Center] undoubtedly rises to meet that challenge.”

– Craig Ellis, Facilities Management & Planning Project Manager
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Our Process

Our work begins with why.

We begin with understanding the vision — however lofty or practical — of what each project will be. Every space, every building, and every landscape carries the opportunity to create change or improve a condition. We will work with you to create measures of success and allow those to shape the outcome of the project.

Design is multifaceted.

We believe that design problems should be viewed through four lenses: function, performance, aesthetic, and experience. Our integrated team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects brings a multitude of perspectives and deep expertise to each design solution. This allows us to seamlessly consider every facet of a design opportunity, shaping the work into projects that are meaningful and truly transformative.

Complexity is our greatest opportunity.

Innovation happens when complex design problems require out-of-the-box thinking. We embrace challenges and constraints, leveraging them toward unique and creative solutions that often become the hallmark of a project. By finding new ways of thinking about form, flow, systems, and envelope, we strive to elevate the built environment alongside our clients.

Our process is transparent.

Several of our primary keys to success are the goals, ideas, experience, and partnership of our clients. Each project brings both challenges and tremendous possibilities. We are committed to an open, collaborative design process with our clients that results in well-informed and highly creative design solutions. We incorporate the use of VR, live design, and creative communication tools to make each design process fun and impactful.

We are learners.

The strength of our expertise lies in a deep-seated intellectual curiosity. We strive to learn — from our clients, each other, and staying ahead of industry trends. In turn, we share that desire for knowledge through conference presentations, white papers, and innovative design solutions. We are on the forefront of thought in our areas of expertise, continually evolving our process toward design excellence.

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