Biocontainment facilities play a vital role in the research, diagnostics, and testing of hazardous pathogens and biological materials of unknown origin. Clark & Enersen has programmed, planned, designed, and commissioned numerous biocontainment facilities across the country, including BSL-2 and BSL-3 levels, and we are regular participants in biocontainment facility design conferences.

Through our ongoing experience, we know the unique complexities of designing, building, and operating this facility type and understand the multitude of regulations, standards, protocols, and equipment associated with biocontainment. We also recognize the importance of hazardous waste sterilization, barrier integrity, and reliable systems, all of which play a part in managing elevated biocontainment levels. Our full-service team knows how to successfully deliver the architecture, engineering, laboratory planning, and commissioning services required to enable biocontainment facilities to continue to protect the world from known and unknown biological hazards.

South Dakota State University, Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory

State of Montana, Laboratory Studies

University of Kansas, Simons Bioscience Pharmacy Research Laboratories

GSA, EPA Region 7 Science and Technology Center

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Davis Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning

University of Kansas, Transgenic and Behavioral Measurement Animal Facility

State of Missouri, Public Health Laboratory